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mobile112 is designed to enable the dyslexic user to hear text messages, scan and read text using OCR and to improve their use of written language. It enables the a non-verbal (aphasic) user to speak anything they may wish to say. The user can type a word, phrase or sentence and speak it using Text-to-Speech or they may select pre-defined words, phrases and sentences from a categorized list. Optionally the user can enable Clipboard Speaker mode whereby any text copied to the clipboard from any other program running on the device will be spoken. mobile112 also makes a great travel aid which can scan and speak or scan, translate and speak.

Trial Period

mobile112 is available in full and trial versions. The trial version lasts for 30 days and will only display the first 300 characters scanned.


mobile112 is designed to run on Android Phones or Tablets running Android 2.1 or higher.
mobile112 can be installed from the Android Market or may be installed for you by the supplier of your phone or tablet.

Registration - Google Play

mobile112 will register automatically when downloaded from Google Play. If you like the trial version and purchase the full version, all existing settings will remain.

Registration - Purchased from a Distributor

The trial version can be upgraded if you purchase a licence from a distributor. To register a trial version, press the Menu key and choose Settings Go to settings page. Navigate to the end of the settings to find the Register category. Tap register... to begin registration. You must be connected to the internet and have previously received a registration code when you purchased mobile112.

Registration - Purchased on Google Play Google Play Icon

Registration is automatic when you buy mobile112. To upgrade from the trial version to the full version, do a backup. Then purchase and install the full version. You will not lose any data. You can then un-install the trial version.


For support please email your supplier, or with a subject of mobile112 Android. Please tell us the make of the phone or tablet and the version of Android you are running.

We also welcome your feedback and any ideas that you may have for improving mobile112 and welcome any help with translating into other languages.