mobile112 menu IconMenu Key options

Press the Menu key for a list of basic functions. Tap the icon to hear what a function does.

Quit mobile112 Quit mobile112: Quits mobile112, after a warning.

Speech rate Speech Rate: Tap this to change or reset the speaking rate (speed).

New Phrase Tooltips: Show or hide the tooltips. Tooltips are enabled here, or by tapping the active Tab icon. When tooltips are enabled, each button or functional part of a view will speak its function. Disable by tapping the active tab icon again.

Text-to-Speech settings TTS Settings: Opens the Android Text-to-Speech Settings, so that you may change Text-to-Speech engines or other options such as pitch.

language Language: Allows you to change the default language if you have multiple Text-to-speech languages installed.

Settings Settings: Opens the mobile112 Settings window.