Settings IconSettings

The Settings window allows you to modify the way mobile112 works or do certain housekeeping tasks. When in the Settings screen, each heading row will be spoken when you tap it.

Reset to defaults

Reset to defaults: Tap set to reset all of mobile112 settings back to the default values.


Show Splash Screen: If Show Splash Screen is enabled, the mobile112 Splash Screen will be shown at startup.


Edit Gestures: Tap to launch the Gesture Editing Tool. Using this tool, you can make changes to the gestures used by mobile112 Type and Speak Tab. If this app is not already installed, please install it using the Recommended Applications section below.


Clipboard Speaker: If Clipboard Speaker is enabled, any text you copy (in any application) will be spoken by mobile112.

Clipboard Paste: If Clipboard Paste is enabled, any text you copy (in any application) will be automatically pasted into the text input area.

User Interface

User Interface: Tap Set to change user interface settings such as text typeface, size and color, and background and highlight colors.


SMS Message Receiver: If SMS Message Receiver is enabled, incoming SMS Messages will be captured and spoken.

SMS Message Count: SMS Message Count allows you to set the number of most recent incoming SMS Messages to be displayed.


Speak Messages: If Speak Messages is enabled, any information message or error message will be spoken by mobile112.

Speaking Mode: Choose the speaking mode. Word, phrase, sentence or paragraph. In word, phrase, sentence and paragraph modes the spoken text will be highlighted, and can be paused.

Space to Speak: If Space to Speak is enabled, words will be spoken after you press the space bar, or other common punctuation (comma, period and question mark).


Built-in Camera: If Built-in camera is enabled, mobile112 will use its own built-in camera app. Warning:This feature may not work on some devices. If you get errors, please disable this option and use the standard camera application.

Auto-OCR Mode: If the Built-in Camera is enabled and this option is also enabled, when a photo is taken it will be immediately be converted using OCR.

Image Editing (What's New IconNew in V49)

Show Image Tool Bar: Automatically show the image editing tool bar when a picture is taken, or loaded from the gallery (or other source).

Automatic image editing: Enable this feature to automatically try an improve the image before it is recognised using OCR. You can choose to enable one or more of the actions below.

Enable image enhancement: Convert the image to greyscale, normalise the background and sharpen the text.

Enable auto-crop: Attempt to remove a darker border from around an image.

Enable align: Attempt to straighten an image that is leaning.

Enable perspective correction: Attempt to remove the perspective look of an image that has been photographed at an angle.


Gallery Chooser: If the Gallery is enabled, mobile112 will display a list of installed photo gallery applications when you click the Gallery Icon. You can then choose one of them. If disabled mobile112 will use the default gallery app.


Recommended Applications: Tap to view the list of apps recommended for mobile112 users. When the list is loaded, the icon on the left of each application will give a spoken description. Tap the button to install the recommended application.


Dictionary URL: Set your preferred URL for looking up the meanings of words. Use %s to substitute the word. To reset back to default value, remove the URL.


Update Language Database: Tap to update the language data. If it is already up to date, nothing will be downloaded. You can also use this option to change the language.

Update Icons: Tap to update the icons. If the icons are already up to date, nothing will be downloaded.


Backup Database: Tap to create a backup of the database. This backup will be used if you ever need to initialise the database. The backup file is called mobile112.db and is stored in the folder /mnt/sdcard/mobile112/backups/

Restore Database: Tap if you want the database to be restored. If a previous backup has been made, it will be used to initialise the database.


Register mobile112: This option will only appear if you are using a trial version that need registering. Tap to register this device. If you upgrade to a new Android device, you may need to request that your licence is reset before you can re-register.