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mobile112 for Dyslexia, Aphasia, Illiteracy and Speaking Translator / Travel Companion.

Android mobile devices

mobile112 is designed to use the power of low cost Google Android phones and tablets.

Hear received SMS messages:

Speaks incoming SMS Text Messages. Reply by SMS, email or phone. (mobile phone & internet connection required)


Type and Speak:

Lets you type in anything and say it immediately. You can even translate and speak your text into other languages (internet connection required)


Pre-defined Phrases:

Lets you speak phrases that have been created previously and stored under category headings and assigned memorable icons, and in multiple supported languages. Send them as SMS or e-mails.

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Tab 3 and 4

Translate and Speak:

mobile112 can translate your text using Google Translate. If you have the appropriate text-to-speech engine, it can even speak it in that language. Travelling and see a sign or menu you don't understand? Photograph, translate & speak! It's as simple as that.

File Manager:

Lets you quickly view the documents on your device. Load text files into mobile112. Load un-supported formats into other installed apps.

Audio record and Playback:

The File Manager can record audio and play it back. Press the Record button on the toolbar and press again to stop recording.


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Tab 6

Scan and Speak:

Lets you photograph any text (document/sign/menu etc.) and convert it to readable text using the power of ABBYYtm Optical Character Recognition. The text is then imported into the Type and Speak tab and spoken by the text-to-speech engine.

Help and talking browser:

Talking browser reads the help out loud.

Talking Browser:

The Talking Browser enables you to hear most web pages spoken aloud. Simply navigate to the web page, and press the play button.

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