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Version 49, coming soon

  1. OCR text overlay on original document image.
  2. Image correction features: enhance, align (de-skew), auto crop dark border, perspective correction.

Version 48, released 23rd August 2015

  1. Updated OCR Dictionaries
  2. Fix for OCR Crash on 64 bit devices.

Version 46/47, released 21st July 2015

  1. Updated PDF Viewer for Android 5.
  2. Fix for sharing large images to OCR.

Version 45, released 17th June 2015

  1. Fix for Phrases scrolling error.

Version 44, released 2nd June 2015

  1. Fix for built-in camera error.

Version 43, released 23rd April 2015

  1. Support for Dropbox and Google Drive.
  2. Paste phrases into Type & Speak rich text editor tab toolbar ribbon.
  3. Various minor error fixes.

Version 44, released 2nd June 2015

  1. Fix for built-in camera error.

Version 43, released 23rd April 2015

  1. Support for Dropbox and Google Drive.
  2. Paste phrases into Type & Speak rich text editor tab toolbar ribbon.
  3. Various minor error fixes.

Version 42, released 19th September 2013

  1. On installation. After TTS service install the tick button not continuing to open app main window.
  2. App stopping when sub category tapped.
  3. Default category incorrect when adding a new Category.
  4. Minor error fixes and enhancements.

Version 41, released 10th August 2013

  1. Added browser bookmarks.
  2. Rich text HTML editing mode. Create rich text documents.
  3. Text-to-speech and clipboard moved into a system service, so always available.
  4. Full support for BlueStacks on Windows and Mac.
  5. Many minor error fixes and enhancements.

Version 40, released 3rd January 2013

  1. Added browser refresh button.
  2. Enhanced PDF support.
  3. Support for downloading from Dropbox and other websites in talking browser.
  4. Various minor error fixes.

Version 39, released 3rd November 2012

  1. Correction from ABBYY to correctly detect OCR document orientation.
  2. Various minor error fixes.

Version 38, released 13th October 2012

  1. Tooltip Mode: Press any tab TWICE to enter or leave tooltip mode. When in tooltip mode, press any button or screen to hear a spoken description.
  2. Now supports Russian and Chinese language text (You still need to buy suitable TTS voices to hear spoken text).
  3. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) powered by ABBYY has been enhanced to support all western European languages, as well as Russian Cyrillic, Chinese simplified and traditional script, Japanese & Korean.
  4. Talking Browser now supports Google Apps such as GMail and Calendar. Press the Talking Browser Search button. From the Google Search Page, press more, then press Apps to show you a list of Google Apps.
  5. Improved performance of loading text files into Type & Speak tab..
  6. Various error fixes.

Version 37, released 31st July 2012 (also includes mobile112 Lite V11)

  1. Update for Microsoft Bing Translate. This update is mandatory as Bing Translate URL has changed. Without this update, translation will no longer work.
  2. You can now disable gestures on the Type and Speak tab, to make editing, scrolling and selecting text easier.
  3. Hide auto button while image cropping.
  4. Support for internet connections through a proxy server.
  5. Various error fixes.

Version 36, released 18th June 2012 (also includes mobile112 Lite V10)

  1. Update for ABBYY OCR Licence. This update is mandatory, as the OCR licence was incorrectly set with an expiry date of 15/6/2012 by ABBYY. The new licence will never expire. ABBYY and mobile112 Ltd apologise to our users for any inconvenience this error may have caused.
  2. Bug fixes for Android V2.3.6 Talking Browser issues.

Version 35, released 10th June 2012

  1. Automatic Function: To help you quickly convert written text to speech, we have added the Automatic Function button to the OCR Tab. Press this button to take a picture of some text, then immediately convert to text and speak it.
  2. Delete SMS: You can now delete an SMS from the pop-up menu.

Version 34, 20th May 2012

  1. You can now reposition where to start speaking when using the word / phrase / sentence / paragraph modes. Press stop or pause if already speaking, and tap the place where you want to start and press play.
  2. various bug fixes

Version 33, 12th April 2012

  1. PDF Reader: You can now open PDF documents in the File Manager Tab and read them using Text-to-Speech. If a PDF document only contains text based images, these can be sent to the OCR tab for scanning in to readable text.
  2. Browser Pinch and Zoom: The Talking browser has been updated with Pinch and Zoom capability.
  3. Android 4 (ICS) Updates: Better support for Android V4 Ice Cream Sandwich.
  4. various bug fixes

Version 32, 15th March 2012

  1. User Interface Settings: We have added a User Interface option to settings. From this new screen, you can set your preferred text font size, color and typeface, and set the background and highlight settings.
  2. File Manager Tab: The expanding list tab has been removed and replaced by a File Manager. From the File Manager tab you can load and view files on your device.
  3. Record and Playback Audio: From the File Manager tab, you can record and playback audio files.
  4. Set speech rate from menu: you can now quickly change the speaking rate from the menu key, Speech Rate option.
  5. various bug fixes

Version 31, 16th January 2012

Fix for Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich)

Version 30, 14th January 2012

Fix for sending SMS on some phones.

Version 29, 7th January 2012

Languages, icons and help are now downloaded after installation.
Added Polish and Czech character sets for OCR text conversion.
Preparation work for introduction of alternate icon sets. Color coming soon.
German translation completed.
Minor bug fixes.

Version 28

Added languages: English, Danish, French, German, Swedish, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian Czech & Polish.
Enhancement to OCR line break handling.
Added phrase, sentence & paragraph speaking mode. See settings, speaking mode.
Enhancements to error handling. If a serious or fatal error occurs user can email error.
Important: Before upgrading to this version, backup your own phrases using settings, backup database.

Version 27

Corrected installation name from net.mobile112.mobile112 to mobile112.
SVOX is now OK with latest SVOX Update.

Version 26

Added speak in word mode to talking browser.
Changed Icon for tab 5 (OCR).
Fixed incorrect voice used when speaking text messages after a translation.
Please note: the new version of SVOX Classic (V3) voices has problems speaking long documents with word mode. This has been reported to SVOX. Other TTS engines are OK.

Version 25

Fixes registration problems caused by a failure on our website.

Version 24

Added Dictionary word lookup
Added speak in Word Mode to Tab 2
Fixed Image Share Via bug
Fixed Photo Gallery bug evident on some devices
Moved Browser Zoom control to bottom of page (by popular request)

Version 23

Forced to switch to Bing Translate because Google now charge for their translation.

Version 22

Added French text
Fixed NullPointerException which occurred because of OutOfMemoryError.

Version 21

TTS Initialisation fixes for abnormal errors
Fixes for Asus Transformer and tablet button sizes
Help Text corrections

Version 20

Preference changes for Denmark

Version 19

Fixed reported exceptions
Fixed Share Via loading extra copy of mobile112.
Fixed Talking Browser issues, now use Long Press to speak hyperlinks, images & text.

Version 18

Internal release only.

Version 17

Added integrated Camera, and rotate image.

Version 16

Paste Phrases to Type & Speak tab.

Version 15

Fixed selection of Danish Recommended Applications
Fixed encoding of Danish Characters in Help_recommended_apps.html
Added reply SMS & Email
Added integrated crop toggle.

Version 14

Added Installer Activity to help user install recommended apps.
Removed some trial restrictions.
Current restrictions remaining in trial version: expire after 30 days and check expiry date over internet on every program start.
Corrections to settings screen elements
Improved error handling in Talking Browser webview.
Temporary fixes for Android issue 10789 "null exception in webview"
Fixed bug preventing app working on wildfire
Install to SD Card

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